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Scar Revision services offered in Greenwood Village, CO

Colorado Skin and Vein provides the most advanced laser and energy-based treatments available. These approaches focus on aesthetics for the skin in addition to medical treatment for vein-based issues. The team of experts, led by David Verebelyi, MD, RVT, and Christina Jordan, FNP, CANS, has been in practice for over two decades, earning a reputation as leaders in specialty laser treatment. The team also has the latest state-of-the-art equipment, including a combination of lasers and other energy-based treatments found nowhere else in the state.

Scar Revision Q&A

What is scar revision?

Scar revision involves various tools and techniques to minimize the appearance of a scar. Scars form when you have an injury to the skin. Because your skin is the first line of defense against outside invaders, scars form quickly and may not look like the surrounding skin.


Scars may be raised, depressed, or discolored. You can also have scars that constrict movement or cause discomfort like pain or itching. 


Colorado Skin and Vein uses many innovative tools to reduce the appearance of all types of scars.

What are scar revision treatments?

Colorado Skin and Vein has many scar revision treatment options. The type of treatment they use depends on the type of scar you have. Scar revision treatments include:

Steroid injections

For raised scars, the team at Colorado Skin and Vein may recommend a series of steroid injections to reduce the thickness of the scar. This treatment softens the scar tissue and is typically done in preparation for laser scar treatment.

Pulsed dye laser

The pulsed dye laser uses light energy to soften and break down the scar tissue. Your body removes the damaged tissue and replaces it with new collagen. The team uses this laser tool for raised and discolored scars.


CryoShape freezes the scar tissue. The team at Colorado Skin and Vein uses this scar revision tool for raised scars like keloids and discolored scars.


For depressed scars, the team performs subcision. During this procedure, they use a needle to break up the scar tissue and the underlying layer of fat. This process releases the scar tissue from its depressed position, improving the skin’s appearance.

CO2 laser

The team uses the CO2 laser to treat depressed and discolored scars. The laser delivers columns of controlled energy to the scar tissue, stimulating collagen and melanin (pigmented skin cells) to improve the look of the scar.

Am I a candidate for scar revision?

The team at Colorado Skin and Vein conducts a thorough evaluation to determine if you’re a candidate for scar revision. Because they offer so many treatment options, they can improve the appearance of almost any type of scar, including acne scars, surgical scars, and scars from an injury.


They examine your scar, review your medical history, and discuss your treatment options.


To schedule your scar revision consultation, call Colorado Skin and Vein or book an appointment online today.